About Us

Perth Support Coordination Services is a small, independent provider of Coordination of Supports and Specialist Support Coordination. We invite you to contact us to find out more about how we can assist you to get the most out of your NDIS plan, whilst living a life of your choosing.

As owner and operator of Perth Support Coordination Services I have become skilled at navigating my way through the many complexities and frequent changes within the disability sector. Additionally, I am the mother of a young woman with a significant disability which has greatly enhanced the way in which I provide services. Over the years I have established a strong network of people within the sector who share similar values.

I have been a Support Coordinator since the launch of the Perth Hills NDIS Trial site in July 2014. Over the past 6 years, I have developed a very thorough knowledge of the NDIS, its processes, the business rules, and the legislative requirements in an ever-changing landscape. I am committed to peer support and innovative practices which have the potential to build capacity and promote inclusive practices.

Veronica (Ronnie) Burkin

Jill Mason, our Specialised Support Coordinator, has worked in the disability sector for over 20 years in government and non-government roles across a range of areas including service design, training and development, residential services, rehabilitation, employment, and early intervention. With a BA (Psychology) and a postgraduate qualification in human service management, Jill’s interests, involvement, and employment have focussed on leadership, service quality, increased social participation and the creation of safeguards for those who are vulnerable. The opportunity for all people to participate in the broader community remains a high priority in her work.
Jill has extensive work/life/business experience that supports her capacity to provide specialised supports that enhance independence and autonomy and a life of opportunity. She has a strong focus on capacity building through service design support to improve the lives of individuals through a person-centred approach and skills development to achieve their life goals.

Jill Mason

Supporting individuals and families to understand their NDIS plan, navigate through the system and services, develop independence, increase resilience and strengthen community linkages.

Mission Statement

To assist people to meet their goals by getting the best out of their NDIS plan.


We will listen to you and respect your decisions. We will support your independence, opinions and views.

We will provide you with the most relevant information and we will be transparent and honest in our relationship with you.

We believe that privacy and confidentiality are essential in of our relationship with you. Your trust in our ability to deliver a high level of confidence in this regard is paramount to our service delivery.

Development and improvement
We are committed to working towards continuous improvement. This will be reflected by embracing opportunities to build alliances that strengthen our capacity to deliver a quality service.

Our Values

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